It is surprising to find out that our happiness today is very dependant on experiences from so long ago, from our childhood. If you think of your childhood experiences as a starting map for the future, and you become aware of the effects the past has on your current life, you will be closer to a happier life. How you were raised and the interactions you had in those important first years determine how well-adjusted you are and how you make your choices.

Your inner child is a powerful part of your mind, your friendly, joyful, emotional, free, playful side. It represents the small child you used to be that needed love and comfort, and it combines your most basic emotions, the sensitivity and creativity you were born with and that you might have suppressed while growing up.

The inner child is the human’s childlike aspect and it draws from everything that you have learned and experienced as a kid before puberty. This inner child signifies a semi-independent unit that subordinates to your conscious mind and being aware of it can help you improve your life. Your inner child is your essence, the aspect of your awareness that is naturally innocent, uncomplicated and playful.

How to discover your inner child

Learning how to discover your inner child allows you to experience a happy and balanced life. As you search for your inner child, you have a chance to improve your emotional freedom and become more at peace with yourself. This type of deep spiritual connection affects all areas of your life, so by uncovering your inner child, you will also feel more joyful, more energized and even change your perspective on some undoubted things. Here are a few simple steps:

1. Stop restricting your actions – Always consider how impulsive you are now compared to your childhood. Instead of ignoring that instinct, try to listen to that voice that tells you to try something new. Let yourself explore new activities and feelings, invite novelty in your life, enjoy the freedom from regular constraints.

2. Explore your imagination – Allow yourself continually to be imaginative, both in your actions and thinking. Stop worrying about what others want or hope or expect of you, and instead use your inspiration to find new resources for your happiness.

3. Enhance your listening skills – To improve your listening skills, don’t forget to start with the smallest things, like the sound of your heartbeat. Then, start paying attention to the sounds around you and find out what they mean to you. Focus your heart and mind on the important messages from your universe.

4. Embrace the spirit energy – While doing this, you are opening the flow and developing the skills of awareness to the inner voice. This can help in making decisions at the right place and at the right time. It can also help attract the people you need and create synchronicity in your life.

5. Pause to laugh and smile – Everyone has problems in life, but it doesn’t mean that you should not find reasons to smile. Be grateful every day for your experiences, and always look for new activities to make your life more interesting and exciting.

6. Engage the world using your senses – Simply recall how the world seemed brighter when you were a child. Those images should remind you how happy you were when you viewed the world from a more enthusiastic perspective. You should take time to appreciate the colours of the street you walk on every day, or the smell of the freshly baked pie you just took out of the oven, or the feel of the new dress you just bought.

Bringing out our inner child, nurturing it and making a conscious effort to connect with it is a powerful experience that brings forth a lot about us, our feelings and our pursuit for happiness.
In this process of discovery, sometimes you may find there are still wounds from the past that have not healed properly, even though you may not think too much about them now. It is vital to heal your mental bruises and help yourself and our inner child to a happier path.

The emotional wounds you have suffered in your childhood can develop with time. As time passes by, you may become emotionally susceptible and dysfunctional as an adult. The signs can range from low self-esteem, emotional imbalances, eating disorders, identity issues, intimacy troubles or even addictions to substances and criminal behaviour.

Real happiness can only come from healing your inner child and this will allow you to discover the source of many fears, insecurities and undermining life patterns. Only by reaching out to your inner child and showing love can you empower yourself to live a better life, and here are a few steps that can help you with that endeavour:

Step 1: Earn the trust of your inner child – To heal your wounded inner child, you have to develop trust. This means that your inner child needs to have faith in you and it should understand your sole purpose is to protect and nurture it.

Step 2: Fight his extreme pains – Like a frightened child, you have to help your inner child to overcome pain and move on. Try to understand the grief of your inner child and learn to embrace it. After embracing the sufferings of your inner child, you are one step closer to profound healing.

Step 3: Let go of your anger – Though it is natural to be angry, it doesn’t mean that you have to be mad at all times. Through forgiving, you have a chance to heal your inner child. Forgiveness takes a considerable deal of love and dedication for others.

Step 4: Fight the loneliness –Make sure that your inner child feels accepted, loved and understood and that it recognizes its true self. You have to help it drive away the guilt of the past in order to embrace the joy of the present.

Because we all carry a piece of our childhood essence within us, it helps to understand how it influences our lives and how we can use it to develop a more fulfilled way of life. By recognizing and nurturing your inner child, you can benefit from a feeling of completeness, true independence from the past, freedom to express yourself and a natural sense of optimism, inspiration, and resilience.

So, don’t underestimate the power of your inner child!



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