My Mission Is To Inspire A Generation By Creating A World Where Nobody Feels Limited In What They Can Achieve!

Have you ever felt limited by your circumstances?

We’ve all been there! Perhaps you feel limited by a health condition, financial struggles or difficult family relationships… I was born with a condition known as Brittle Bones disease, and the main symptom is bones that break very, very easily!

This disorder limited me especially during childhood because I had to undergo numerous surgeries and missed out on a lot of fun moments. I remember the intense sense of frustration I used to feel, at having to watch from my bedroom window while my sisters and all the other kids in the neighbourhood played outside in the sunshine.

The turning point for me came many years later… after I had successfully graduated from University with a degree in Computer Science. My confidence had taken a big hit because I was struggling to find employment, unlike many of my friends.

Something needed to change.

I decided to stop comparing my life to other people, to stop doubting in my own abilities, and to stop letting a disability define me as a person!

Breaking those barriers gave me the platform to build a successful Tech career within Management Consulting and the Financial services – and TODAY I am using my stories and learnings to break barriers in the speaking world, as I continue to push forward my mission of a world with no limitations.   

What do I speak about?

My life’s mission is showing people how to break through self-imposed barriers to unlock their greatness. I speak at live team events and conferences on Keynote topics including:

  • Your Limitations Are An Illusion
    Including lessons on how he overcame huge obstacles to reach levels of success many people would have never predicted. This inspired talk provides insight into the story of a young man who was able to break through his barriers and shares powerful takeaways to enable your audience to do the same!
  • Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone!
    Insights into some of the common struggles faced by entrepreneurs as well as practical steps to help you create an unstoppable mindset!
  • Why Diversity Is More Important Than You Think
    Learn why you should leverage the power of diversity to differentiate your organisation from its competitors!

Can I inspire you or your team?

I look forward to helping your people step out of the shadow of their limitations in order to lead a richer and more rewarding life – at work and at home.

My mission is to create a world where nobody feels limited in what they can achieve and I look forward to empowering your audience to smash through their barriers!

Winston Ben Clements
Founder – Positive Spin UK


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