Have you ever been let down by someone or something? I have, and if you are alive and breathing, I am almost sure that you experienced this at some junction of your life.

By this point in your life, I’m sure that your trust in the human race has wavered somewhat. But you should not allow the setbacks you have faced in the past to stop you from using the amazing gift of bestowing trust to another human being.

Trust means that you are willing to place your confidence in someone and expect that person to be faithful and honest with you. Trust in others often comes from trusting yourself and you have to work through your fear of failure or rejection. Relationships are hard, but the glue that keeps them together is trust, so it is vital to learn how to manage it.

Do you know why not all people are able to trust? According to experts, trust needs to be earned, and once it is broken, it is very hard to regain it. Sometimes, people don’t trust others to make themselves feel more secure. They don’t want to be hurt and don’t expect too much from other people.

But in some cases, you might want to trust someone, but you feel something stopping you. You might feel like you should not have to give your full trust to someone because you are unable to move on from past hurt and anger.

Believe it or not, you can still trust again. How can you do this, you ask?

Forgive the past

Do not hold on to anger from the past. Holding resentments does nothing but damage your own health, spirituality, and daily life. When you forgive someone for past hurts, you need to understand that it is something that is done for you and not for the person you are forgiving. The past will surely do nothing but hold you back if you dwell on it and this is not healthy for you if you are trying to establish a connection with your present self and life. Living in the present is where we need to be, not in the past. You need to learn how to live in the here and now, so release yourself and forgive the past!

Acknowledge the need to trust again

Most people fool themselves into believing that they don’t need to trust anyone. But, humans are social creatures and living in isolation can be very difficult. Without trust, it is hard to build relationships and you have to enter new ones with a pure heart and not harbouring beliefs from previous heartaches.

Building trusting relationships starts with letting go of the past, understanding the need to have confidence in people and accepting the responsibility that comes with this type of attachment.

Concede areas where you exhibit the trust

One of the most critical times in a person’s life is childhood, and much of our adult distrust is based on bad experiences back when you were very dependent on other people.

If your trust is violated at some point in your life, especially the more fragile first years, you will become more reluctant as an adult to give your trust. Our mental patterns form very early in life and they influence everything we experience, you have to allow yourself to trust again and not avoid people in hopes that nothing bad will ever happen again.

You have to be open to give second chances to yourself and to other people!

Nobody is perfect

You have to accept the fact that no person meets all your needs. Some people keep holding on to the idea of finding the ideal partner and this sometimes leads to grief because it is impossible to find all the characteristics you want in one single person. Whether it is about family, friends or lovers, trust should come with accepting that they are not perfect and they can sometimes fall short or fail your expectations.

Stop worrying

You will never be able to establish a good connection with anyone or live in the moment if you do not learn how to stop worrying. You need to stop stressing yourself out all of the time and take a leap of faith with the people around you. This will help to alleviate some of your stress and make you more open to building relationships.

Search for people who are trustworthy

The best indicator of how a person might treat you is how that person treats other people. Take your time and examine the person you want to place your trust with. Paying attention to some small details can go a long way and your intuition will be your best friend in these situations.

Before trusting anyone, you have to know who they are and you need to understand their attitude and actions. If you give your trust away without knowing the person, you might be disappointed.

Learn to appreciate each day

Learning to be thankful for each day is an excellent way of learning how to live in the here and now. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and today is usually better when you have trustworthy people around you. Gratitude will open your heart to others and it will make appreciate even more the power of friendship.

Be happy

Happier people find it easier to give their trust, so you have to work constantly on your well being. Although it may not always be easy, you can start with a simple smile.
No matter what happens each day, it is important that you take it in stride. Keep in mind that whatever doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger and that there are people out there who are going through situations worse than yours. You probably had times that were not that great in the past, but you managed to get over them and move on. Nothing is worth being an emotional wreck about so try to smile as much as you can.

Because trust is such an essential factor in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, it should be something that you work on building every day. Start with believing in yourself, be confident and mindful in your interactions with others. Let go of the past, be forthcoming, honest and keep in mind that everything and everyone is perfectible. Every new day is an opportunity to improve yourself and your relationships with others, so put a smile on your face, stop worrying and be open to giving and receiving trust.

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